Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Cardboard Bus

A bit ago Isabel and I had lots of fun creating this Cardboard Bus and decorating it with colourful  leftover fabric from sewing projects.

This is how we proceeded:
We took a cardboard box suitable to be transformed in a bus for Isabel´s dolls and plush friends.
We cut out the windows and the door and we created bench seats for the passangers, a seat for the driver and a dashboard using cardboard pieces.

We were lucky because we found a lid of another cardboard box spot-on for being our bus top.

Eeyore is doing a test drive                                                                                    

Isabel glued the fabric remnants to the bus and the seats.

For the wheels we used a camembert box.
We cut it in two halves and Isabel painted it with grey and black acrylic paint.

The finished wheels and a magazine picture of a car dashboard:  

Next we attached the wheels to the bus´ bottom side. We used glue and a Staple Gun Tucker
 – just to be on the safe side. We fixed a cardboard support as well, because the wheels
alone are not able to carry the weight of the bus.

We glued the dashboard picture.


the numberplate:

We used a tea light as headlight.

Snoopy is the driver.

 The travellers´ first trip with the Cardboard Bus - Bon Voyage !

The idea for this cardboard bus I took from Sabine Bohlmann´s beautiful book
 “ Lauter tolle M√§dchensachen” 

Unfortunately it´s available in German language only. But most of the projects you can easily understand thanks to the number of pictures in the book.


  1. Great project and love the colorful fabric =) Pinning it and sharing it on my fb page.