Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Little Hands Great Art 1

Some time ago on pinterest a pin showing a Falling back in Space Portrait caught my eye.
The pin brought me to Katie’s blog

Katie is an Elementary Art Teacher and she made some beautiful Falling back in Space Portraits with her class.  Now I tried it with Isabel and we had great great fun.


Here’s how we’ve done it:

We took a sheet of paper and we traced our feet facing outward towards the bottom of the paper. 

We traced out our hands towards the top of the paper.

Here is what turned out:

We added the body beginning with the head and the neck.

The most important thing then: Arms and legs get larger as they get closer to the tracings of hands and feet. 

We added face-and body details and coloured our Falling in Space Portraits with water soluble colour pencils.


And here we are !

...and me